October 16-18 #OI2017 Digital economy.
Challenges of global transformation


Dear friends!

I am glad to welcome you at the Moscow International Forum «Open Innovations».

Today, leading world experts, top-managers, beginning entrepreneurs, young scientists, engineers and developers, who are forming the vector of global development today, have gathered at the Skolkovo Technopark. They will share their experience and future of technological trends development, make concrete proposals, discuss future development of business, state and society models, as well as the prospects for international cooperation in the field of innovation.

The main theme of the Forum this year is the digital economy. This is logical as the key issue — how the digital economy will affect us — is at the center of today’s debates. We systematically and consistently implement the «digital» in all areas of life, i. e. entrepreneurship, state affairs, social sphere, municipal economy. We clearly understand the importance and scope of this work, which directly affects not only national security, but also the global competitiveness of Russia.

In July 2017 the Russian Government approved the program Digital Economy of the Russian Federation. «Digital conversion of the economy is an issue of the whole society, not the Government along!»

D.A. Medvedev
Prime Minister of Russia

Speakers 2017

«I hereby invite all the stakeholders, companies, universities and scientific and research centers to participate in the implementation of the program „Digital Economy“. This program is designed for the society as a whole, and rest assured, reasonable initiatives will find support.»

A. V. Dvorkovich
Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation
Chairman of the Organizing Committee of the Open Innovations Forum

Program 2017

Digital economy.
Challenges of global transformation

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Day 1


Digital transformation of businesses; traditional industries changing under new technology trends; new management paradigm; new industries, companies and economic models; agenda of business leaders; business generation and restructuring

Day 2


Govtech as a new technology market; digital transformation of public administration; national digital economy strategies and cases; public sector as a technology consumer — health; education; aerospace; human capital for new economy

Day 3


Genetic technologies; robotics; AI and their social implications; values and culture of tech world; youth and kids; new generation of entrepreneurs; new consumer values and markets

Why should you visit

The Open Innovations forum is the key international platform in Russia for discussing global tech trends, sharing experiences, and presenting the latest solutions.

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Business meetings

The Open Innovations forum is the key international platform in Russia for discussing global tech trends, sharing experiences, and presenting the latest solutions.

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Exhibition space

The basic principles of the exhibition space are:
— maximum concentration of tech solutions
— effective interaction of participants
— interactive expositions

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Старое приложение

Это старое приложение форума 2017 года !

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