Axel Flaig, Head of Research and Technology Airbus: 3D Urban mobility

How are we going to move around the city in a couple of years? When will we have a flying car? Will avia-sharing be available? These and other topics will be covered by Axel Flaig, Head of Research and Technology Airbus.

Based on Airbus vision, the transport of the future will look like episodes of “Fifth Element” or “Back to the Future” movies. However, the company specialist are convinced that flying cars will appear very soon. The company is currently working on a number of projects with regards to urban mobility. These are  a two-seater modular ground and air passenger concept vehicle system Pop.Up, which was shown during Geneva show this year;  CitiAirbus, a project of a four-seater self-piloted electric vehicle  , which successfully passed its propulsion tests several weeks ago preparing for the first flight in 2018; Vahana , a futuristic flying vehicle , the production of which is underway. These and other projects and ideas will be presented by Axel Flaig during Open Innovations Forum. Joint us, the future is there.