CorpTech. The DNA of a Corporation of the Future: day one of the forum

The first day of Open Innovations (CorpTech) will be completely dedicated to the digital transformation of business and the development of corporations of the future.
A few decades ago, the products of technological progress such as full digitalization, robots and artificial intelligence could only be seen in films about the distant future. But today, new technologies are becoming an integral part of everyday life, and communications, trade, medicine, finance and many other industries are changing rapidly with their introduction. What will the future look like in the world of iBanks, iShops and iMedia?

On October 16, representatives of leading international corporations will meet at Skolkovo Technopark to demonstrate their best examples of digital transformation and discuss directions for the future development of technologies and their impact on the business environment.
During the first day of the forum, participants will be able to attend interactive sessions, discussions, master classes, presentations, and interviews devoted to CorpTech. Well-known international experts will discuss how and why technologies are becoming the most important competitive advantage in different sectors of the economy, how fast the digitalization of the financial sector will develop, and what future awaits banks and their customers. Leading market researchers will talk about undervalued big data, and analyse how the big data market is developing for corporations and what opportunities it offers.
Under the motto “Transform or Die,” tech evangelists and futurologists will share their forecasts of how world giants will be toppled from their pedestals unless they fully and promptly rework their business processes toward digital technologies to adapt to new market requirements. HR experts will discuss which skills will be most in demand among employees, which specialists are already being sought by tech companies, how to upgrade the skills of existing employees, and effective ways of motivation. Professors from the world’s biggest business schools will talk about training top managers in “corporations of the future,” while management experts will share examples of how digital transformation can change the structure of a company, its corporate culture, and sometimes even its mission.
The transformation of the entertainment industry is also on the agenda. Experts will discuss how VR and AR, new screens and sensation broadcasting in the brain are changing cinema and TV, and how the emerging discipline of cybersport has already gained hundreds of millions of fans and continues to conquer new audiences all over the world.