Digital Economy to Be Focus of Open Innovations 2017 Forum

Today, technology companies don’t just represent one sector of the global economy; they are also its leaders, with companies like Apple, Google, Facebook and Amazon included in the list of the 10 most valuable companies. Having placed their stake on the continuous development of innovative products and services, they set the management pace for other companies, from small businesses to major public corporations.

What is the key to success? How can the state, businesses and individuals adapt to the new reality, and how can they make it to the future amid continuously transforming ideas and processes? Participants of the Open Innovations forum will get first-hand answers. Executives of major companies, management professionals, experts and visionaries will talk about the technological revolution in management, and the requirements it sets for all market players and, above all, industry leaders.

The new digital reality can no longer be ignored by governments. Leading innovations economies like Singapore have been successfully implementing national projects for several years now to promote the use of hi-tech tools in all major functions of the government.

The Digital Economy public program in Russia was approved in July this year. The objectives, tasks and focus areas of the program are to encourage the development of a new economic paradigm and retain Russia's competitive edge on global markets. That is what makes the forthcoming forum so important.