FEIP and network of nanocentres in search of venture builders

The final round of a competition for the unique vacancy of a builder of tech businesses will be held on October 16 as part of the Open Innovations forum. The competition is being held by the Fund for Educational and Infrastructural Programs (FEIP) and network of nanotechnology centres. The winner will have the opportunity to join a team of highly professional serial entrepreneurs. They are expected to set up from scratch new companies working in electronics, 3D printing, genomics, laser and synthetic diamond production at the Technospark nanocentre, using the facilities of the whole network of nanocentres.

FEIP adopted a new strategy in May 2017 to move over from the startup support model to the mass building of tech businesses, in which new innovative companies are started by professional teams instead of single startups. For this reason, the network of nanocentres is holding a competition for those willing to learn and join those teams of entrepreneurs.

“Serial venture builder is a new and non-conventional position, but we see it becoming as regular in the future as management once was. The large-scale, assembly line production of tech startups will become regular practice. Those who start working on this assembly line first will have a great competitive edge,” said Denis Kovalevich, CEO of Technospark nanocentre.

The first selection round of venture builders took place in June, during the Startup Tour. Its winners - Konstantin Kirillov, a graduate of St. Petersburg Polytechnic University, and Alexander Buzimov, a PhD student at Tomsk State University - now have an opportunity to join the teams of the Sigma Tomsk nanocentre and North-West Technology Transfer Centre (Gatchina, Leningrad Region).

Participants in the second stage of the competition should send their CVs and cover letters explaining why they want to become venture builders to by October 7.

Those who are shortlisted extramurally will take part in the intramural round held during the Open Innovations forum. The shortlisted candidates will play the business game Build a Company, Sell a Company. The winner will be selected following the results of the game, and will later join the Technospark nanocentre as a venture builder.

All costs related to travelling to Technospark (Troitsk, New Moscow) and accommodation during the probation period will be covered.

For more information about the competition terms and conditions, please visit