Nick Sampson: a competitor and creator of Tesla

Nick Sampson, senior vice president of the Californian startup Future Faraday, will take part in the sessions: Chief Transformation Officer. Agenda for CTOs, and The Future of Transport. Issues of Infrastructure and Regulation.

Nick has been working in the automotive industry for 35 years, and came to Future Faraday from Tesla Motors, where he headed the Maintenance and Chassis Design division. His company has challenged Tesla, and is now working on the creation of the first electric crossover FF 91, which should be launched in batch production in 2018. The startup employs 500 people today, most of whom are former employees of leading automotive concerns and high-tech corporations: Ford, General Motors, Volvo, Facebook, Google, SpaceX and Tesla.

Nick is the author of the concept of the automotive architecture of the Tesla Model S and headed the Tesla Model X project engineering team. Before that, he held the position of chief engineer and program director at the British company Lotus (a manufacturer of sports and racing cars) and headed the integrated development of new models and implementation of long-term strategies for product development. Nick also spent 16 years at Jaguar: he was one of the key team employees for the development of new products and was responsible for the XJ6 sedan and XK8 sports car. Sampson’s cars have won numerous awards at the prestigious British Touring Car Championship.