Open Innovations, Day 3: People for Technologies or Technologies for People?

The final day of the forum, devoted to HumanTech, will focus on human existence in the era of consumerism and technological progress, values and culture in the digital world, and lifestyle, ambitions and dreams in a new age.

New technologies are intrinsic to all aspects of our lives. Intensive social interaction, home comfort and healthcare are now integrated with the possibilities offered by scientific and technological progress. On the one hand, the existence of new technologies does not mean that old problems (ethical dilemmas, legal instruments failing to keep up with progress) are gone, but on the other hand, they break new grounds: new markets, new opportunities for business, planning and control. The analysis of potential everyday, professional and cultural scenarios will be in focus on October 18, the third day of the forum.

On that day, prominent biologists, engineers, economists, writers, artists and thinkers will come together to share their ideas about what homes will look like in the future, how to “revive” human beings using technologies, the ethical and moral aspects of editing the genomes of human embryos, and the problems faced by cyborgs in everyday life. World-class scientists and businessmen will discuss the opportunities, threats and prospects related to the existing big data processing market. Sociologists and philosophers will analyse the difference between real and virtual love, and psychologists will discuss whether virtual reality addiction in children should be controlled.

Day 3 of the forum promises to become the most unusual and multidimensional of all three days of Open Innovations, and will be fascinating for a wide range of visitors. After all, we all need to develop our own path in life. You can’t hide from the future.