Presentation of NTI University 20.35

What competencies should be developed to train technology leaders and how? How can a team be built that is capable of establishing a hi-tech business in Russia and making it a global leader? Is it possible to train people and artificial intelligence at the same time, and who will benefit from it? Will blockchain technology help to build an effective incentive system for learning and teaching? The opening of the NTI University 20.35 this year will help to answer these questions. The university will be the first to provide professional development in digital economics for everyone.

It will primarily be focused on training personnel for companies that are implementing the concept of the Russian government’s National Technology Initiative and operating on new markets. Every student will have the chance to take a personal development path focused on their current and future role in the company. The training will comprise the combined development of universal and unique technology competencies for a specific project. Key competencies, including those related to entering global markets, cross-cutting technology and key technology in the markets of the National Technology Initiative, will be available via online courses for everyone interested.