RUSNANOPRIZE winners to be announced at the Forum

The awards ceremony for the RUSNANOPRIZE international nanotechnology prize will be held during the Open Innovations forum. The awards committee, consisting of 20 prominent scientists and representatives of leading companies from Russia, the U.S., Germany, Canada and South Korea, will select the winners. This year the prize, founded by the Fund for Educational and Infrastructural Programs, will be awarded for the best advances in nanomaterials and surface modification. The deadline for submitting applications for the award was August 10.

“Nanomaterials have been used by humanity for ages, but only recently have we started to gain an understanding of their unique qualities,” said Artem Oganov, a professor at Skoltech and Stony Brook University in the U.S., and a renowned materials scientist. “Now we can also forecast the emergence of new nanomaterials, their composition, structure, and properties. All this gives us an opportunity to increase the range of uses of nanomaterials and nanotechnology. This area has great potential to broaden fundamental knowledge about the nature of matter, and to apply this knowledge in real life,” he explained. Source: