Simon Pont is going to visit us

The amazing Simon Pont is planning to visit us. Writer, columnist and brand-builder. Every time he is asked about his profession, he wants to answer that he is a spy and this is a daring joke! Mr. Pont is the author of popular science books about  digital society and the state "The Better Mousetrap" and "Digital State". Simon and his group of experts studied and evaluated the digital impact on our world and examined its possible consequences in the future. In the new realities of transparency, the digital world is open source, where everyone has instant access to resources and where there are no secrets. The digital state explores what it means for the world of consumption and how this openness interacts with the business sphere. What will flourish better in this new era? This and much more can be discussed with Mr. Pont in the framework of his speech in the Cultural Program of the Forum. But now you can learn more about Simon on his website or on Twitter @SimonPont.