Singapore - Partner of Open Innovations Forum 2017

Singapore, one of the world technology development leaders, will become the main partner of the Forum’s second day (Statetech) dedicated to innovations development in the public sector.

Today, Singapore is called the Asian Silicon Valley. It is believed to be one of the key drivers for the global technology and finance.
Dozens of innovative products in the sphere of healthcare, education, retail and other important spheres of activity of the state, business and human are created in Singapore.
Singapore government provides every kind of support for innovative technologies development and implementation. The country is implementing the national Smart Nation programme that encourages implementation of new technologies at all levels of economy, including state projects. For example, the defence company Singapore Technologies Engineering has recently declared its plans to develop self-driving buses planning to be used in the public transport system by the end of 2020.


SmartPost project helped thousands of Singapore Post employees to be closer to their clients: soon, they will get smartphones with pre-installed customized application using which they will be able to immediately inform recipients of the location of their letters or parcels. Last year, the company became the first postal operator in the world to test delivery of parcels by drones.

One of the key events of the second day of Open Innovations Forum (StateTech) will be the conference “Smart Cities. Russia-Singapore Business Forum” with the participation of representatives from business and state authorities of both states.
Additionally, Singapore representatives will take part in the discussions of the first (CorpTech) and the third (HumanTech) days of the Forum dedicated to development of innovations in business environment and the impact of technologies on human potential growth.