StateTech. The Manifesto of a Digital State: day two of the forum

What will the digital state of the future look like? How will technology influence the work of state institutions? How will education, medicine and transport change in the future? Leading experts and senior officials responsible for the digital economy from around the world will answer these questions and many others.

This day will be dedicated to processes and technologies for the introduction of promising digital solutions into the public administration system, as well as the transition to a new type of economy: the digital economy.

The official partner of the second day of the forum is Singapore, a leader of world innovation development. One of the main events will be the conference “Smart Cities. Russian-Singaporean Business Forum,” with the participation of leading representatives of businesses and governments of both states.

A dynamic program, prominent speakers and exciting events have been prepared for the guests of Open Innovations 2017. Each visitor will be able to actively participate in discussions about the future of the state due to the interactive formats of events: hackathons, conferences, discussions, debates, round tables, and presentations. The forum guests will be the first to learn about difficulties that may arise in the process of digitalizing state administration, the chances of a cashless economy, the new leader of the digital age, and why Big Brother could be watching you.

The best StateTech providers – 10 startups providing tech solutions for the public administration sector – will also present their solutions at the forum.