Nassim Taleb at Open Innovations

Nassim Taleb, one of the most eminent intellectuals of our time, will speak on the third day of the forum.

The world-renowned Lebanese-American economist and trader is an expert in the philosophy of randomness, i.e. the impact of random and unpredictable events on the global economy and stock exchange trading. The Sunday Times named his book “Black Swan,” published in 2007, one of the 12 most influential books since World War II. He criticized risk management methods and predicted the global banking crisis, and afterwards, following his own forecast, earned half a billion dollars trading at the end of the 2000s. He advocates and promotes a society’s ability to withstand events which are difficult to predict. He is the author of the concept of antifragility, i.e. the ability to benefit from a certain type of unpredictable events, fallacies and volatility.

Make sure you don’t miss day three of Open Innovations! Mr. Taleb, together with the head of the Centre for Strategic Research Alexei Kudrin and CEO of Rambler&Co Alexander Mamut, will take part in debates and a discussion about the values of the new economy and today’s credibility crisis.