VR performance by Maxim Didenko

“A Cage With Parrots,” a VR performance by Maxim Didenko, will be staged as part of the forum’s cultural program.

The story is about a man undergoing a final test before flying to Mars. The playwright, Valery Pecheykin, was partly inspired by Elon Musk’s plan to send a manned mission to the Red Planet by as early as 2024.

The project was created in the VR 360 format. Two viewers will be able to watch the play simultaneously, and they will be immersed in another reality via a VR headset. According to Maxim Didenko, the director of prominent performances such as “Kharms.Myr,” “Konarmiya,” “Black Russian” and “Circus,” staging a VR project was quite risky.

“Considering that even immersive theatre is still viewed as an experiment by many, it’s not surprising that the format of virtual reality is even more so,” he says.

“This is an incomprehensible and unstructured genre which at the same time opens up a lot of new opportunities. In our project, we wanted to retain the traditional intimacy of the theatre and that incomparable contact between actor and spectator, while at the same time extending its boundaries as much as possible. With the help of virtual reality, we wanted not only to break the fourth wall, but all the walls there are. For me, the project with Moscow City [the project’s partner] has been an absolutely new experience.”

The author of the idea, Daria Beglova, said she wanted to create a completely new type of event on the border of theatre, VR and urban entertainment.

“We wanted to create a unique product, something that happens exclusively between one spectator and the actors, so that nothing else would come between them that could hold back the immersion into another reality, the world of a not-so-distant future,” says Beglova, the program director of CITY PJSC managing company.

“This is a must see of this season in Moscow, something you have not seen anywhere else,” she added.

The main character is played by Rinal Mukhametov, an actor at the Gogol Center (“Optimists,” “Attraction,” “Cold Tango.”) The other roles are performed by actors of Dmitry Brusnikin’s theatre studio: Marina Vasilyeva (“My Name,” “Loveless,”) Vasily Butkevich (“The Good Boy,” “Rag Union,”) Igor Titov, Yuri Mezhevich, Yana Enzhayeva, and Gladstone Makhib. The music was written by Ivan Kushnir, the director’s long-time collaborator (“Konarmiya,” “Circus,” “Kharms. Myr," “Black Russian.”). The costumes were designed by Anna Chistova (“Zoology,” “Soulless 2,” “About Love”).

“A Cage With Parrots” was filmed by the film companies Drug Druga and Life Is Short, known for films such as “Rag Union” and “My Name.”

VR performances will be shown every day.


CITY PJSC, the managing company of the Moscow City international business centre (Moscow City MIBC). In 2013, Solvers Group became the main owner of CITY PJSC. The main goal of the company is to transform the image of Moscow City MIBC and to turn it into a city attraction, a space that will become an international standard for business districts in terms of convenience and functionality.