Business in the post-financial world. Values as a generator of future industries

BASIC HALL, October 16, 16:30 — 17:30

Countries with the highest quality of life face the dramatic shift in consumer behavior and values. The younger generation that grew up in a stable and “carefree” environment does not find the consumption itself and wealth accumulation so appealing. What is more important now is an opportunity to participate in global problem solving through work, consumption or social projects. The companies that pick up this trend steal a march. Take Tesla with electric vehicles or Starbucks with its social responsibility, for example. And there is another similar trend which is the people’s readiness to invest their efforts or money in non-commercial but rather interesting and ambitious projects.
How important is it for today’s customers to spend money on something more than just a product? What use do the companies can make of it? Is it a prerequisite for a company’s survival in 21st century? Will we see new interesting non-commercial projects springing up in the near future?