To bribe the startup. What methods countries and cities use to attract innovators?

JAVA HALL, October 17, 15:00 — 16:00

Young technology entrepreneurs are becoming more mobile and ready to work in the country or region that creates the best conditions for supporting startups. And at different stages of the startup, countries can be different. The effect of developing innovations for the country’s economy cannot be underestimated, and the governments of the countries support not only their fellow citizens, but also are ready to host entrepreneurs from all over the world. Thus, Israel, the world’s leader in the number of startups per capita, not only supports financially, but also issues startup visas to foreign businessmen. Barcelona has already assembled more than 15,000 startups from all over Europe, a small Finland is one of the most innovative countries in the world.
What are the life cycles of a startup and what support is most critical at each stage? How do countries and regions define their niches in the global competition for young technology companies? Where is it better to turn an idea into a product, where is it better to perform prototyping, and where to attract investment and look for markets? What strategy is necessary for startups in Russia?