Russian national blockchain. Blockchain as a new national idea

SCALA HALL, October 17, 09:30 — 10:30

Blockchain technology has long ceased to be associated exclusively with crypto currencies. The use of the distributed registry system makes it easy to work in virtually all areas of our lives. The implementation of blockchain in the state administration should seriously optimize the costs of state administration, reduce the level of corruption, and increase labor productivity.
Within the framework of the “Digital Economy” program, four projects based on the blockchain technology were proposed: a system of specific document circulation for credit investment deals; a national system of identification of bank clients; a unified system of transactions with real estate, which can be automatically performed in 24x7 mode; treasury support of budget expenditures.
What are the risks of using blockchain in the state administration? What standards should be developed in the very near future for successful implementation of blockchain technologies in the state administration?