Legal Tech. Look into the future: Robots instead of lawyers and program code instead of law

PERL HALL, October 16, 11:15 — 12:15

Gone are the days when the information technology and lawyers existed in different universes. The integration of IT solutions with the work of a lawyer has become a must. New products that change the idea of a legal function and overall economics of the legal service business appear in the market year after year. In would not be wrong to say that the future is already here, given the huge step forward that the technologies made in the last two years.
Has the time come to talk about competition between lawyers and robots? A robot, not a man: how will the artificial intelligence redesign the work of lawyers? Global trends in Legal Tech. The program code as a regulator of behavior along with the law, social norms, and the market. Blockchain in the legal service business: regulation, opportunities, and threats. Atlas of new professions: a virtual lawyer, a network lawyer, a media policeman, an advocate of electricity users’ rights.