Z outbreak. How to stop microbe aggression?

JAVA HALL, October 16, 11:15 — 12:15

The 21st century for the humanity is the era of resistance to existing treatments of infectious disease. Not a single new drug was launched in the last 30 years. No intensive livestock farming however is possible without vaccines and antibiotics residues of which remain in the food and later consumed by us every time we eat.
If no global actions are taken to deal with the resistance and no efforts are joint to discover new antibiotics, the humanity will regress to the ancient state when animals and humans were dying with regular bacterial infections, and the infectious decreases will be of greater threat that the oncology ones. What actions shall be taken by corporations, states, scientists to discover new ways of targeting resistant microbes? How the mathematical modeling, genetic approaches and genetic selection can be applied? What can stop the global threat of resistant bacteria and infections?