Digital transformation of industry. Russian version With the support of Faculty of Economics of MSU

RUST HALL, October 17, 10:45 — 11:45

Industrial companies are the foundation of the Russian economy. The introduction of digital technologies into the industry is a strategic priority for the Russian economy. However, the economy continues to be a commodity-based, oriented to the export of natural resources. The volume of the digital economy in GDP barely exceeds 2%, while this indicator stagnates from 2014, at the same time in other countries it continues to grow. One of the structural differences between Russia and the advanced countries is the structure of the labor market. The leading countries today already have at least a quarter of the employed citizens. Those are the people who belong to the «Knowledge" category. In Russia, only 17% of the population belongs to this category. The density of production robotization at Russian enterprises today is more than 20 times lower than the world’s average.
The global trend towards a digital transformation of the economy poses new challenges for Russian industry. Customization, the change of the power balance between the value of the experience of individual designers and the value of digital models, the decentralization of design and production, the new requirements for certification - all these changes become a reality of the global competitive industry.
The participants of the discussion have to answer the questions: How are the Russian industrial companies already involved in the transformation process? How do they see their way of further transformation in conditions when "fast" challenge the business of "big"? In addition, the concept of the digital transformation index of the Russian industry will be presented, as well as the general logic of the "Digital Industry» subprogram, established in the development of the"Digital Economy of the Russian Federation» program.