Plenary session of the Day DIGITAL ECONOMY Master plan of the new state project

SPHERE, October 17, 15:00 — 16:30

With the participation of the expert and business community, the state developed a program for the country’s transition to a digital economy. And it’s not about a separate autonomous project, but about creating a fundamentally new way of life, a new basis for the development of the system of public administration, economy, business, social sphere, and the whole society. Obviously, these tasks cannot be solved from above, it is necessary to maximize the effective interaction of all participants in this process.
Digital economy in simple language: goals, objectives, opportunities, and risks. How to build a new economic reality, and not just digitize the existing one? What is the role of the state in the creation of technology companies, national champions, competitive in the global markets? 10% of the world data processing market: who will become a client and why? What help does the government expect from business? What are the benefits and what is the motivation of private business to participate in the creation of the digital economy in Russia?