Digitally-oriented oil dependence. Is it fair to call oil production a low-tech industry?

JAVA HALL, October 16, 10:00 — 11:00

The Digital Oil Field concept becomes increasingly popular with producing companies. An automatic control system for oil and gas production operations anticipates a non-stop optimization of the integrated oil field model and the production management model.
Will it be possible to build fully automatic production management in the foreseeable future? How do new technologies affect the management in production companies? Do digital technologies improve the production safety, including the environmental aspect? Exploitation of non-traditional oil and gas resources requires the development of new effective and environmentally friendly technologies. What are the relevant trends worldwide and in Russia? What is the contribution of the Russian universities and scientific centres?
Representatives of oil companies and organizations that make best use of digital innovation solutions in the oil and gas related activities, as well as representatives of universities that develop their own digital innovation solutions for the extractive industry will participate in the roundtable.
The roundtable's main goal is reaching a common ground re the need and importance of adopting hi-tech innovation developments in the oil and gas industry, realizing the extent of digital technology implementation in the oil sector in Russia and other countries, finding touchpoints with universities.