Basic income. Creative Downshifting

RUST HALL, October 17, 15:00 — 16:00

In the case of introducing an unconditional base income, humanity can have much more opportunities for creative work and activities. As a result, a sharp expansion of the range of options for solving the problems facing humanity is expected. The world of directive management of human activity, the world living in the traditional, hierarchical paradigm, has achieved a lot, but, apparently, we come to the barriers that it cannot overcome. And, perhaps, if we can combine the introduction of unconditional basic income and helping people find new meanings, it is the critical increase in the number of possible forms of activity, which will be received by us, that will help us overcome those barriers.
Which economic models of unconditional basic income are the most realistic? Does the unconditional basic income solve the problem of technological unemployment, if any? The state / business / NPO, who should/can pay unconditional base income? What are the political and social consequences of introducing an unconditional base income?