JAVA HALL, October 17, 16:15 — 17:15

The digital economy sets new ambitious goals for the human, companies and the government of the future. The training of new stuff, new requirements for competencies of the human and general digital literacy are the key challenges for the economy, education and the whole society. Nowadays there are centers of scientific and technical creativity, Quantoriums, or in other words the contests created for children and adolescents, the STI Olympiad captures the interest of young entrepreneurs and engineers of the new digital theory, inviting them to create new markets for the national technological network. This is only part of the big changes that can lead society to a new digital practice. For the next steps it is important to answer the following questions:

  • What will specialists be needed to create a new "digital society" and how to ensure their personal development trajectories?
  • What changes must occur in education to meet the challenges of the digital age: what and how should it be taught in the near digital future?
    Given the availability of information and modern technologies (including educational ones), how people of different ages, levels of education and social status should be motivated to use them for the benefit of their own development and development of the economy in general?