Neuro-Interface Technologies without Borders. Communication and Socialization of People with Severe Speech and Movement Impairments

BASIC HALL, October 17, 11:00 — 12:00

Fast-moving technological development, advances in neuro-sciences and development in artificial intelligence of the latest decade have made the first transcontinental contact between patients deprived of speech and movements possible based on neuro-interfaces. This is not only demonstration of the latest neuro-communication technologies, but also a unique borderless opportunity for co-operation between researchers, developers and entrepreneurs of Russia, the United States and other countries!
Within the framework of the round table there will be discussed: history of Russian-American scientific and technological cooperation; state policy in the field of providing support for high-tech projects implementation and their scaling; National Technology Initiative and NeuroNet future market formation; prospects of contact with human brain based on neuro-interfaces for the replacement of lost natural communication capabilities and physical objects manipulation; Russian scientific school and advanced opportunities of invasive and non-invasive “Brain-Computer” interface technology; cooperation between Russia and the United States in one of the first projects of NeuroChat National Technology Initiative, enabling two-way communication for people with severe speech and movement impairments, and their integration into the Internet global network.