Outside of Hype. Does Modern Economy Need Artificial Intelligence

BASIC HALL, October 17, 12:30 — 13:30

Artificial intelligence technologies are actively introduced in the retail and banking sectors, but introduction of these technologies into the real economy is still at an initial level. Most large enterprises still cannot make their minds and transfer from using traditional methods of customers (or production) service management to technologies based on data analysis and fully automatic decision-making. However, those few who have, announce real effectiveness of their introduction.
Does it make sense to move to new, not yet fully developed technologies, in search of additional profit? What prevents companies with a long history from becoming complete data company or software powerhouses – types of companies major retailers or banks are becoming at the moment? Prejudices? The lack of basic knowledge? The fact that artificial intelligence technologies development has not yet reached the required level?
And are neural networks in a real enterprise as good as they are supposed to be?