Digital feudal lords. Who should own Big Data?

BASIC HALL, October 16, 10:00 — 11:00

Big data is one of key resources in the digital economy. Large corporations and emerging startups create their new products and services and develop innovative business solutions on the basis of Big Data analysis. However the use of Data by various market players raises the problem of discrimination against some of them and the problem of personal data protection. Many governments and representatives of the Internet industry adopt various tools to regulate the big data market in order to ensure the protection of big personal data. But is it really necessary?
Where would be the borderline between big and personal data? How can the data circulation be ensured without violating human rights? Who shall monitor the big data storage, sharing, and use, and in what way? What shall be the government’s role in regulating the bid data market? What adverse effects may the monitoring of the big data have?
How does the big data market for corporations develop? What is demanded mostly? What solutions are already successfully used by the Russian large businesses? What opportunities does this market offer to new players? The session will also feature the most sensational cases of the big data use in business