Smart warehouse. How drones, robots and sensors transform logistics?

BASIC HALL, October 16, 11:15 — 12:15

Not so long ago the creation of online-markets has caused a revolution in commerce, providing the customers with more convenience, lower prices and a higher speed of the process, which they had not before, thus changing the retail trading landscape. The spread of e-commerce both in B2C and B2B sectors requires a fundamentally new approach to logistics: big centralized warehouses, robotization, a closer integration between suppliers and customers, a shorter delivery time. And although ‘physical’ technology very often cannot keep up with the ‘virtual’ ones, logistics has seen a series of very interesting innovations.

Which technologies define the image of logistics today? Are drones, self-driving cars, unmanned ships and other promising technologies capable of optimizing business processes in logistics and reducing the delivery time to the end-user?