Plenary Session «Digital Economy. Society, Business, Government»

Business center «Matrex», October 17, 13:00 — 14:30

Digitalization has become one of the main defining trends of the last decade. Today, digital technologies are changing the face of virtually all branches of life, business, public administration, science, education, entertainment. New technologies open vast opportunities, allow you to significantly increase the efficiency, speed and transparency of many processes, the involvement of citizens in public life. At the same time, like any new, rapidly unfolding trend, which changes the rules of the game, digitalization poses a challenge for countries, companies and people around the world.
How do national leaders approach challenges of the digital economy? What are the opportunities that technology creates to improve the efficiency of public administration? What are the rules that are used to create, develop and transform digital companies? How does the technological revolution change the private and social life? What risks is it important to understand and anticipate?