The rise of thechnosocialism. Where the dreams lead

Atrium Stage, October 16, 12:20 — 12:50

Keynote. Brett King, futurist, international best-selling author, co-founder and CEO of Moven
Technology, connectivity and globalization has produced some amazing societal changes and impact. We’ve reduced extreme poverty by half in the last 30 years. By 2100 there will not be a single child who doesn’t receive a formal education. These changes are as a result of increased capital flows, improvements in the standards of living, access to communications and financial systems, and a dozen other improvements across society. But technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Gene-Editing, Solar Energy, Autonomous Transport, and others could usher in a new area of not only abundance, but significant socio-economic changes. How will governments react to a time when technology promises to deliver the benefits of so-called socialism, at a fraction of the cost of the most capitalist, democratic governments today? How will governments react when it’s not immigrants we have to worry about taking our jobs, but robots? And how will society react when we can use technology to provide everyone with a basic income, healthcare and education