With a cool head. How to pass a job interview with a robot?

PASCAL HALL, October 16, 15:15 — 16:15

According to Deloitte, USD 2.4 billion were invested in the HR technology development in 2015, which is 60% more than the previous year investments. This market is growing rapidly, and robots the headhunters are one of the most demanded and promising developments in the HR Tech market.
While some futurists claim that robots and technology are about to replace HR professionals, others advise not to rush to any conclusions. After all, if part of the work will be done by smart devices, executives will use human employees for addressing new and more creative tasks.
What can robots the headhunters do by now? Do the headhunters sense any competition from their part? How will the functions of company employees change as technology develops? What will be changeв in HR management if and when its functions are robotized?