DIGITAL ECONOMY Infrastructure creation challenges

RUST HALL, October 17, 17:30 — 18:30

The development of the ICT (information and communications technologies) infrastructure was marked by the government as one of the priority directions in the construction of the digital economy. Access to high-quality ICT infrastructure positively affects GDP growth and provides the opportunity for the development of digital services. Nevertheless, the development of digital infrastructure in the Russian Federation is under serious threat. Demand for data transfer is growing faster than technological efficiency. The mobile infrastructure of the new generation (5G) will require considerably higher capital costs than LTE. In conditions of a weak ruble and low purchasing power of the population, this will lead to a shortage of capital for the infrastructure development that is comparable to the capitalization of players in the communication market.
It is necessary to consider the possibilities to change the regulatory and commercial approaches of telecom operators in order to increase the investment attractiveness of infrastructure projects and create favorable business conditions for possible partners. One possible approach is to create a single infrastructure operator.