Resourse mining on asteroids. A new space race?

Atrium Stage, October 17, 11:00 — 12:00

A small 1.5-kilometer asteroid can contain minerals worth $ 20 trillion. Luxembourg announced the investment of $ 200 million in the topic of extraterrestrial resources, in the US, there are first startups on this topic. The first reconnaissance missions to asteroids in the 2020s are planned. What resources should be considered as targets for extraction: rare earth metals, precious metals, water? Who can invest in the amount sufficient to achieve the initial phase of resource extraction in the foreseeable future (<20 years) - governments, private players, venture capital investors? How will the ban on the national appropriation of celestial bodies be circumvented? In the context of extraction of extraterrestrial resources, how will the norms be interpreted that space is the common heritage of mankind: is it possible to assert ownership of space resources for profit? How long does it take to return money invested in resource extraction projects?