Is cash-free economy our future?

SPHERE, October 17, 16:45 — 17:45

Cashless economy is one of the growing international trends – like expansion of the Internet, proliferation of mobile services and wearable devices – which is becoming a distinctive feature of various national economies. International experience confidently demonstrates that cashless economy is a driver of innovative technologies, allowing the Government, business community and society to reap multiple benefits in terms of increased economic efficiency and transparency, optimization of operational costs and enhancement of the quality of life for ordinary citizens. Cashless payments as an integral part of digital economies not only unlock economy potential, but also change the way we all live, making everyday life simpler, safe and smart.
Recently, Russia has set a course to develop digital economy that, as thought, is to reshape the makeup of Russia’s economy in almost all spheres; but what place will cashless take in this process? Is Russia ready to embrace this global cashless trend and what are Russia’s national peculiarities?