Vesselin Popov

The University of Cambridge Psychometrics Centre

About speaker

Vesselin Popov is the business development director of the University of Cambridge’s Psychometrics Centre, a multidisciplinary research institute specialising in Big Data, online behaviour and psychological assessment.

Vess is responsible for the centre's commercial partnerships and oversees a range of projects to increase the understanding and use of Big Data analytics in business and the community. He identifies areas where psychometric techniques can deliver the greatest impact and drives product development strategy, helping to put cutting-edge tools in the hands of citizens and innovate organisations of all sizes.

Vess also coordinates Apply Magic Sauce, a battery of predictive algorithms based on over 6 million users’ psychological and social media data. Apply Magic Sauce API translates digital footprints of human behaviour into accurate psycho-demographic profiles. Through this initiative, Vess has provided personalisation, research support and strategic consultancy to some of the world's most powerful brands (e.g. Hilton Worldwide, Barclays UK, Nissan, Ubisoft and Time Warner) and gained extensive agency-side knowledge in digital marketing and ecommerce. Vess also advises startups on commercial implementations of data science and predictive tools, combining technical knowledge with an awareness of the privacy and intellectual property implications of different strategies.