Dmitriy Peskov

Agency for Strategic Initiatives to Promote New Projects

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Dmitry Peskov, director of the Young Professionals department at the Agency for Strategic Initiatives, member of the board of directors at JSC Aeroflot, JSC Russian Venture Company.

Dmitry Peskov coordinated the formulation of the strategy for the National Technology Initiative (NTI), which involved more than 700 representatives of business, government, society and foreign experts. The strategy for NTI includes nine road maps, five of which have already been approved by the presidential council on Russia’s modernization.
Dmitry has solid experience and expertise in the fields of strategic foresight, strategic management, the creation of educational systems, strategic planning, project assessment and auditing, developing IT projects, and international relations.
He worked at Moscow State Institute of International Relations (MGIMO) for more than eight years, where he was in charge of MGIMO’s strategic development, led the Center for Internet Policy, and was a director of innovations.
Dmitry established Metaver, an organization developing new formats of education that comply with the principles of the venture economy.
He also served as head of student admissions to the Open University Skolkovo.
Dmitry is the author of 15 scientific publications on the information society, as well as the co-author
of the first Russian independent foresight, “Education 2030.”
He is the recipient of a letter of gratitude from Russian President Vladimir Putin.

• Received a note of gratitude from the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin.

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