Anna Belova

Research Center of System's Transformation MGU

About speaker

«…Anna Belova is one of the best professionals in the area of restructuring large monopolies and the only one with extensive practical experience of implementation reforms in the state dominated industries.» «Vedomosti/Financial Times», 09.02.2006, №22 (1549)
Anna Belova, Ph. D., is head of the Innovation 3.0 working group focused on the transition from a resource-based economy to an innovation driven economy within the Open Government of the Russian Federation. She spent three years working in the government as Deputy Minister managing the privatization and reform of Russian Railways.
Dr. Belova is chief scientist and head of research and advisory projects at Moscow State University’s Research Centre for System Transformation, and a visiting professor at the Graduate School of Management of the Higher School of Economics state research university. She is also a member of the advisory cross-industry commission for the presidium of the council for the modernization of the Russian economy under the President of the Russian Federation, and a member of the government’s Expert Council.
Dr. Belova currently spends most of her time serving on the boards of directors of large Russian and international companies, and as a prominent economist and expert on transformations in different advisory councils.
Dr. Belova has unique practical management cross-industry experience, including in mining, railways, port and air transport, nuclear, oil, gas and coal energy, telecom, infrastructure construction, venture capital, banking, agriculture and logistic.
She has written more than 50 papers and articles in business and professional journals on the subjects of macroeconomics, risk forecast, strategy, corporate governance, monopoly restructuring, business process reengineering and optimization.