Marius Ursache


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Marius received his MD degree but quit the medical field soon after graduation to become a designer & entrepreneur and founded several marketing & tech companies. He was invited to teach and mentor at
MIT, Singularity University, Ars Electronica and other programs & universities around the world.

In 2014, while at MIT, he started working on a controversial project in digital immortality, which later incorporated as Eternime—a startup that collects and preserves the thoughts, stories, and memories of people to generate AI avatars that can live forever. Eternime is constantly referred to as one of the pioneers in digital immortality by major media such as Fast Company, BBC, CNN, the New Yorker, Wired and more.

Whenever he gets the chance, Marius goes off-the-grid to get inspired and work. Some recent trips include running a marathon in North Korea and visiting remote tribes to participate in weird rituals with scars that live on to tell the stories.

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