Oskar Hartmann


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Oskar Hartmann founded – an online shopping club selling goods of famous brands with significant discounts – in May 2008. Within 6 years, had become the leading Russian fashion e-commerce company, reaching an annual revenue of about $200 million, and welcoming $140 million from external investors, such as Russia Partners, Accel Partners, Mangrove Capital Partners and Balderton Capital.
In 2010 Oskar Hartmann and Pascal Clément, the president of Direct Group holding, created Fast Lane Ventures, the leading Russian company in the creation of Internet businesses.

Born in Kazakhstan, Oskar Hartmann began his professional career at BMW (2004-2006) in Malaysia. He then joined the Russian office of the Boston Consulting Group, where he was responsible for developing the business strategy of international companies in Russia (2006-2008).

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