Hovannes Pogosyan


About speaker

Hovanes is a successful entrepreneur and restaurateur, 
well-known for the following

  • founder of the first charity social network
  • was one of the founders of the leading online travel agency in Russia – www.onetwotrip.cop>
  • Co-founder and co-owner of the Argo and Bruce Lee restaurants;
  • Co-owner and idealogist of Chateau de Fantomas;

Born in 1977, Hovanes graduated from the Russian Trade and Law University with the MA
degree. Hovanes started his career as a marketing manager in, the first Russian
very popular online project (part of Group) in 1999. Just in few years he was
promoted to special projects director and was in charge of development and marketing of
the special projects for the number of clients, such as Pernod Ricard, Bacardi-Martini and
many others. In 2005 he decided to launch his first online media –
Very quickly mainpeople became very popular among the trendsetters. After his firts
successful projects he started a number of new offline projets – Bar Belka and Chateau de
Fantomas. Additionally Hovanes was a co-founder of online travel agency.

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