Luciano Kay

University of California Santa Barbara

About speaker

Luciano Kay is researcher with The Institute for Social, Behavioral and Economic Research, University of California Santa Barbara, USA, and technology entrepreneur. His research projects investigate the potential of incentive prizes and grand challenges to induce innovation and the impact of emerging technologies such as nanotechnology and synthetic biology on industry and the economy. Luciano has over 15 years of experience investigating and consulting on other diverse science & technology and innovation policy issues as well. His work has been published in top academic journals and in book and policy report formats, and has been featured in MIT Technology Review, Wired UK, The Wall Street Journal, and other influential media outlets. His book Technological innovation and prize incentives: The Google Lunar X Prize and other aerospace competitions (Edward Elgar Publishing) presents the findings of novel empirical research on innovation prizes. Luciano is also founder of InnovationPulse, a startup company that will revolutionize the emerging technologies research space with a new way of producing and sharing innovation analytics. Luciano holds a Ph.D. in Public Policy, Economic Development, from The Georgia Institute of Technology (Atlanta, USA) and lives in Santa Barbara, California. More about Luciano and his work at or on Twitter at @LucianoKay